About us

Who are we?

A creative young team, extremely precise with cameras and perfectly trained for recording the most significant but also the tiniest details of one of the biggest moments in life - your wedding. We specialize in photographing the magic that comes with the wedding day thrill: from big preparations, through the most emotional moments of newlyweds and all the guests, to pure happiness that fills the celebration of this unique day.

What is our vision?

We have brought the capturing of tiniest details and including closeups in one photograph to perfection. From the moment we started imagining our own wedding, through our long experience in photographing and photo editing of hundreds of weddings, we became aware that photography is just a small but imperative and extremely responsible ingridient of every wedding. With that in mind, we blend in and become an almost invisible part of your day. You get to devote time to yourself and those who are there for you, and we get a chance to capture the power of your spontaneity, happiness and love in their natural environment.

And what is our mission?

To elevate the power of wedding photographs to perfection. To set and follow the newest trends, and highlight the particularity and quality of our skills in photography. This is our goal in order for you to feel the emotional intensity of that day every time you look at the photographs.

Amelie Weddings - Irena
Amelie Weddings - Irena