If you want to guarantee the possibility to work with a particular photographer, then the sooner you contact them the better. Remember, if a service provider offers a unique product or service, then you will not be able to find someone else who offers the same thing. You will have to choose an alternative or a second option when surely you prefer your first choice.
Obviously, the price is an important factor when purchasing a service or product and that has to be taken into consideration. Weddings are expensive and you will inevitably spend way more on food than the photographer, so think about what is important to you and allocate as much resources as possible to it. Yes, it’s a cliche, but the photos are the only memory of your wedding that you will have left. Everything else gets eaten or thrown away. The photos are there to record your wedding, make it permanent, make it part of history – your history.
When contacting the photographer for the first time, ask them about their availability and price list. If you haven't set a date yet, give them an idea of the month and ask about their availability for that period. Try and give them as much information as possible about your event as this will help them give you an accurate quote and all the options. Once you have received and reviewed their information, and their price is acceptable, you may have some further questions. Hopefully, most of them would have already been answered by their website and brochure but there are probably still a few that you would like to ask them. Ask your questions via email or directly by talking or meeting with the photographer. A video chat is an excellent way to get to know someone without having to waste time to physically go and meet them. Video chat is even more useful for destination weddings because you might not be in the same time zone as the photographer.
If I have, I will send you the link to that gallery if I can. If I haven’t worked at your venue before, it’s not a problem. I often work in places where I have never worked before and it is never an issue. I always arrive early and take the time to familiarise myself with a location and its features. I am often involved in the planning process with my clients, so we will discuss everything in detail and make out plans together to try and get the best result possible based on your preferences and ideas, and my experience and expertise.
I like to be fairly low key and let you enjoy yourselves. However, I will make suggestions if I think they will get a better result for you. If you need help, I will step in and assist. I like to plan things with you before the event so that on the day you are more relaxed as you know exactly what’s going on.
With great pleasure! Destination weddings are special and very dear to me. The bride and the groom, their families and friends, embark on an adventure together, enjoying the journey, the relaxation and beautiful venues. I know from first-hand experience that everybody is happy, easy-going and ready to have fun at any time – which is a perfect recipe for wonderful photos and videos.
I shoot with professional Canon photographic equipment in RAW digital format on a full frame camera. I carry a wide range of professional L series lenses and several flash and flash modifiers, as well as reflectors and stands of various brands and styles. In other words, the good stuff! I refuse to take a chance of not having the BEST gear for your big day!
This is a very simple step. Once you have decided to book me, I send you an agreement with all the details we have discussed, as well as my conditions and terms. When you have studied it properly, you pay an advance payment, and as soon as I receive it, the date is yours.
Yes, it will be me. I don't have a big studio so I only do one wedding a day. I don't have an assistant or associate photographer that I send to one job so I can do another. I find that by photographing the wedding myself I can deliver constant style and consistent quality.
Since engagement is a brief, but beautiful, relaxed, exciting period in a couple’s life, it is nice to capture it in photos. You are free, you can go wherever you wish – choose a venue that is special for you, or completely new to you, maybe a bit crazy, and I’ll meet you there at the crack of dawn or at sunset – as the light then is most beautiful, promising top quality photographs, without any pressure or hassle. You will not have such freedom on your wedding day, when you are the centre of attention, when all eyes are on you, and when you can spare only 30 to 60 minutes for a photo session and you need to have it at a location nearby the main venue. If you decide to have an engagement session, wear the clothes you usually wear, let your hair be as it usually is, avoid excessive makeup, be your usual selves, as that is the point of engagement photography.
I will discuss this with you. In general, I work alone as most events don’t require two photographers. This way you only have to communicate with one person and it is more intimate and there are fewer distractions. Your event will remain more private. Of course, there are situations in which a second photographer is essential. If this is the case, I can bring an excellent second shooter with me. Examples when a second photographer is required are when you are getting ready far apart from each other, or if you have a really big wedding and want someone to take lots of photos of your guests whilst I am working with you and your families. The best way is if I listen to your needs and we work out the ideal solution for you.
Yes, and I don't work unless it is signed by everyone. It's the professional way to do things. You need to sign it as I don't accept others signing it, unless you have given them power of attorney. Can I customize a package based on my needs? Absolutely, my packages are there as a starting point. I want to hear your ideas and requests and will try to accommodate them if I can.
Yes, I offer a Fine Art Book. The images are printed directly on the paper and the paper is bound to create your own personal book. The layout of each book is designed specifically for your images. I also offer the possibility for you to choose the photos that should be in your album. You may also see a proof of the album before it goes to print and you can request changes. You should receive your album about 2 to 3 months after the event. Obviously, you receive the images well before then.